Thrasher Kitch (tkitch) wrote in ai_new_england,
Thrasher Kitch

Rocky goin for a guinness!

> Teseracte Players attempt to set Guinness World Record.

Dedham, MA, The Teseracte Players of Boston, New England's
Premiere Traveling Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast, will attempt to
set a Guinness World Record for the most consecutive performances of the
Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Record attempt will take place on October 22 starting at midnight
with a new show starting every 2 hours thereafter till October 24 at 2AM,
a total of 26 hours.

The Dedham Community Theatre will host the event as a benefit for the
AIDS Action Committee.
Glenn MacWilliams
Business Director of The Teseracte Players

There ya have it!
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